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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Panasonic AC Servo Motor Model MKM602D8A1

Panasonic AC servo motor model MKM602D8A1 (6KW) is suitable to use as spindle motor for medium size CNC machine or CNC milling machine. This servo motor is dual type motor and has two connector ports, there are encoder connector and power cable connector port

Detail about Panasonic AC Servo Motor
Model: MKM602D8A1
Input Power: 200VAC 3 phase
Rated Frequency: 200 Hz
Rated Revolution: 10000 RPM/min (max)
Current: 35 Amp
Rated Output: 6.0 KW or 6000 Watt
Continuous Torque: 9.55 NM

For more details refer to its vin plate image

panasonic ac servo motor model mkm602d8a1

Panasonic AC Servo Motor

panasonic ac servo motor vin plate

Vin Plate

panasonic ac servo motor encoder connector MS3102A20-29P

Male AC Servo Motor Encoder Connector (MS3102A20 - 29P)

ac servo motor encoder pin arrangement MS3102A20-29P

Encoder Connector Pin Arrangement

Encoder pin connector (MS3102A20 - 29P) details
A = Channel Encoder Signal A+ or A
B = Channel Encoder Signal A- or A\
C = Channel Encoder Signal B+ or B
D = Channel Encoder Signal B- or B\
E = Channel Encoder Signal Z+ or Z
F = Channel Encoder Signal Z- or Z\
G = 0 V
H = +5 VDC
J = Shield (Frame Ground)
K = Commutation Signal U+ or U
L = Commutation Signal U- or U\
M = Commutation Signal V+ or V
N = Commutation Signal V- or V\
P = Commutation Signal W+ or W
R = Commutation Signal W- or W\
S = Thermal to protect the signals
T = Thermal to protect the signals

There is no pin I, O and Q

ac servo motor power connector MS3102A20-4P

Male AC Servo Motor Power Cable Connector (MS3102A20 - 4P)

power connector pin arrangement MS3102A20-4P

Power Cable Connector Pin Arrangement

Motor power cable connector (MS3102A20 - 4P) details
A = U phase
B = V phase
C = W phase
D = Ground or Earthing

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